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SUPER SMASH BROS KINK MEME - The Super Smash Bros Kink Meme [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Hit it like a smash ball!

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SUPER SMASH BROS KINK MEME [Mar. 21st, 2008|09:57 pm]
Hit it like a smash ball!


ANONYMOUSLY post a pairing and a kink. This meme is open to ALL pairings and ALL kinks. Yaoi, Yuri, and Het is welcome here. Fluffy kinks, gory kinks, gross kinks, what have you. Even Gen if that is, as they say, what floats your boat. Anything goes! It. Doesn't. Matter. Just post it, Anons!

After that, your request will be filled out by ANONYMOUS.

If you make a request, please fill one out in return. We don't want all requests and no fics! Also, if a pairing and/or kink inspires you, but it's already filled out, don't back off - more than one submission per kink is acceptable! If it inspires you, who cares? Write!


List of unfilled prompts is here.

Index of filled prompts is here.

---Keep it anonymous on this thread! There will be another post for self-outings.
---Make a request? Fill one out!!!
---One prompt per comment, please.
---Prompts can be responded to with any kind of creative fanwork (fic, art, etc.) unless otherwise specified by the prompter.
---Replying to requests in the form of roleplay is allowed. If you're threading it, then PLEASE thread in your own post so you don't waste comment space.
---Replying in the form of snapshots/screenshots is also allowed, provided you take them yourself and they're sufficiently creative. (Trial basis only. If this starts causing problems, it's going away.)
---Crossovers and elements from other fandoms are allowed, so long as there is some connection to SSB. For kink memes in other fandoms, refer to The Master List of Kink Memes.
---Do NOT mock, chastise, or otherwise insult others for their kinks. If something squicks you, use the scroll button.
---Pimp the SSB Kink Meme everywhere and anywhere you can! We wanna get big.
---DO NOT POST MORE PROMPTS THAN YOU FILL OUT. Yes, I know I already said this, but it bears repeating.
---[character]/[character] should be used a romantic or sexual relationship whereas [character]+[character] can be used for friendship pure Gen. It was getting a little confusing.
---When you post a prompt, PLEASE try to make it as clear as possible what you want. If it takes more than a few sentences to do so, that's okay! Sometimes more detailed prompts get the plotbunnies biting harder.
---Comments? Concerns? Questions? Suggestions? Post 'em here! ETA: Anon respectfully requests that other anons look through and fill out older prompts. Your mod agrees that this would be spiffy.
---For anonymous hosting of images (since some of you have voiced concerns about that), try TinyPic!

READY? 3...2...1...GO!

From: (Anonymous)
2008-06-27 03:15 pm (UTC)
I want a fic about Solid Snake's ass.

Any pairing fine.
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From: (Anonymous)
2008-09-10 05:05 am (UTC)


It was such a nice ass, he thought, as he looked at it.

The first time he had seen it was when he arrived at the tournament. While he was talking with some people, he had looked over and saw it. That tight, firm ass inside the skintight bodysuit. Perfect globes that were so striking from even how far away he was that he couldn't help but gape at the man's backside. It was only when that man turned his head to look at him, giving him a knowing smirk before turning away that he realized what he was doing, blushing heavily.

That didn't keep him from staring at it whenever he got a chance, though. Every time he would see Snake, he would hang around until he caught a glimpse of that behind, as tight as the first day he saw it. If he was lucky, he would be very close to the man when he would see it, flexing and clenching as he watched it. Each time, Snake would give him a small smirk, almost as if he was teasing him.

Which he was he found out later, both to his shock and amusement.

It was almost an obsession with him, going to each and every one of his matches just to see that ass move, to flex and wiggle and just stand out like a burning star in the night sky. He could have cared less about who the man was fighting, because his eyes were locked on to that butt of his all the time.

Their first meeting was somewhat of an embarrassment to him, as he recalled how they actually started talking. He had been staring at him again, watching the suit just scrunch up against the crack of that ass, when Snake had suddenly turned around with that smirk on his face.

"Like what you see?" he asked sardonically, an amused glint in his eyes.

He quickly blinked as he realized that Snake was indeed talking to him before smirking back. "Yeah, it's hard not to notice it."

Snake laughed, and that was the beginning of their odd companionship.

Over time, it had started to gradually change. Companionship gave way to friendship, which was complicated by feelings of lust and love. They respected each other, and it was hard to find anyone with more trust in each other than them.

Although he still always took the opportunity to watch Snake's ass in action, especially up close. He shamelessly took each chance to grab Snake's behind, smiling as he felt the soldier up before being hit away to continue their match. He supposed that he should be thankful that they managed to be so subtle about it; but he couldn't deny that it was such a thrill to see if they could do it without getting caught.

But it was the private moments that were the best. As they were alone each night, naked and well into their lust, he would definitely take the time to admire it like this.

Because if just watching Snake's ass was one thing, feeling it was a whole other.

As he pounded into the soldier's ass, watching as the man laid on his stomach and moaned throatily, he would bring his hands down and just grab the two mounds of flesh, moaning as he felt them in his hands. They were so firm and tight that it made his head spin, and he would always have Snake assume this position just so he could fully appreciate his ass.

It also helped that Snake found them as an erogenous zone, getting off on just having him feel them up.

And as they lay tired under the covers each night, Snake would laugh. "So, still can't get enough of my ass yet, Ike?"

The mercenary merely grinned as he let a hand drift under the covers, squeezing one. "Nope. Never will, either."

"One of these days, I want to see you in my suit, just so I can see yours." the soldier grumbled as Ike extracted his hand, a small smile on his face.

Ike laughed at the thought. "Who knows? Maybe you'll get your wish sometime."

And during the next night, was Snake ever surprised.


I've realized I've been neglecting the meme for too long. Sorry meme ;o;
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From: (Anonymous)
2008-09-10 08:22 am (UTC)


Oh god, yeah.

I'm not even a big Snake/Ike fan, but - yes.

You get bonus points for doing big descriptions of an ass in a way that isn't ultravioletly horrible or unintentionally hilarious, either.

You've made my day.
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