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Unfilled Prompts [Mar. 21st, 2008|10:50 pm]
Hit it like a smash ball!




Perhaps some Genfic of Toon Link/Lucas?

Genfic involving Link and Toon Link being BFFs. Bonus points if you can squeeze Zelda in there too?

Pit+Peach+Samus(either version) fluffy gen fic please!

Marth + Metaknight + Ike male bonding around a campfire during SSE. Maybe an oath of brotherhood as well?

Snake+Lucas. Odd combination, but I want to see how it works.

As for prompts, just go with Snake's com-taunt. "Senseless ordeals? I know what that's like..."

Gen. Snake, Lucas, Weegee, mentoring, and some huge, huge brother issues.

Assist trophies count, right? Because I say they totally do.

That said, Jeff & Lucas, gen -- Jeff teaches Lucas the finer points of aiming a bottle rocket. Bonus points if one of the 'villain' Smashers is a target. ;3

Ike + Wolf. How do two mercenaries that have two completely different morals get along so well? How very interesting! Bonus points if Ike has an implied relationship with Marth/Snake/Pit/etc.

The other day I was looking at Louie's notes in Pikmin 2, while laughing all the way because man, for a calmed personality he's such a dork (a cute dork! =3). Then I randomly thought Louie and Snake would be great friends!... and I was sad because I can't write or draw well enough (one day of these... ).

Flash to yesterday. The mention of Louie in this lovely Falcon/Olimar fic brought these memories to the surface. This would be a good place to request this! But, um... Louie is just a trophy, right? Guess I'll have to ask first. So I asked in the other post, and karma_kalisutah said yes! :D :D :D Great!

To summarize my request in a few words: Louie meets Snake, and they talk about many things... including a subject both love very much: food. Bonus points will be awarded for keeping them both in character, especially Louie (I'm so sick of seeing him being nothing than a walking blonde stereotype... he's not that dumb, sheesh! :<).

I apologize for such a long post. ^^;


Marth + MetaKnight + Ike. In the aftermath of SSE (timeframe up to you, anon), they make a living as a mercenary band (lol irony). Marth still has some adjusting to do.

Everything else is up to anon. Don't let me down!

Marth + Pit.

Pit, who has not been in a game since the black&white Game Boy, is disoriented and confused of everything suddenly being not only 3D, but high definition, too. Marth, whose original games were for the NES and SNES, remembers his initial culture shock with the GameCube and tries to help him get past the motion sickness.

Gen Lucario+Sheik. Lucario is intrigued by Sheik's style and asks for a friendly fight.

Lucas + anyone Gen

*Someone* is attempting to convince Lucas to get a haircut, and ends up having to cut his hair him/herself.

Bonus points if Lucas ends up with a girly hairstyle. :D

I was going to ask for "Star Fox guys find Sonic's world, wonder why everyone's so short/doesn't wear pants," but I'm probably going to end up writing that myself, so...

The Smash Bros. world is decidedly lacking in estrogen, so let's have Krystal join the Brawl! Will Fox be stupidly overprotective over her? Will she think Kirby is the cutie-wootiest thing ever? Will her Final Smash be yet another Landmaster summon? plz say no yes whichever's funnier at the time. Only you can answer these questions, anonymous*!

*-You do not actually have to answer any or all of the questions, but it'd be nice if you did. =D

Mario/Pit genfic please. With Mario being the quiet, cool guy or older brother(?) fiqure and Pit being his big fan/idolizer. It can take place any place.time you want, Subspace Emissary or whatever. Please make me a happy anon~♥♥

Gen. Snake + Flint (Mother 3) bond while having a cup of joe.


Assist Trophies signing up for the next Smash Brothers

MUST have Lyn and the rest can be whomever you please

Lucario/Sonic gen
A battle on the Pirate Ship soon turns into a disaster at sea! Bonus points if there is something like a storm or bombing.

Marth+Ness, or any other kid Smasher, really...I JUST WANNA SEE ADORABLE BIG BROTHER MARF.

Gen-fluff. PLZ, ANON. ;A; I promise I'll love you forever? <333

During a fight, The Pokemon of Space is released at the same time Luigi unleashes the Negative Zone.
Consequently, Luigi is somehow knocked out, and Mr.L takes over. But is he brawling for fun, or for something more sinister?

Anon requests this to be a serious fic with angst please? Or a darkfic >=3
I'll love you forever!


Zelda/Snake or Sheik/Snake (lol i totally gave myself away)

Snake talks to Sheik like he would a guy, but is freaked out at how attracted he is to that other 'man'. :)

Y hallo thar new meme~

Anon demands Zelda/Marth. DEMANDS IT. Their alliance will be fabulous. (...Sexy royalty counts as a kink, doesn't it?)

Sonic/Princess Peach of any nature/genre/kink please.

I'm going to be boring obvious and ask for Snake/Samus.

Twist - Samus is in Morph Ball form, and the dominant one.

Palutena/Ike, Ike is injured at the leg and prefers to be the passive partner. Foreplay has Palutena using her foot to massage Ike. Bonus points if Palutena uses her powers to make the session a little more fun.

Peach/Bowser. Peach is a cradle-snatcher, Bowser is concerned with their relationship. Bonus points if you can include a very begrudging Mario and a very accepting Luigi talking about Peach/Bowser.

Snake/Samus, Snake!dom. Bondage, D/s, whatever, so long as Samus is still a huge badass and not a fluffy uke little girl. Kthx.

A Snake/Zero Suit Samus friends with benefits type thing would be excellent!

Toon Link/Nana fluff, please?

Bowser/Samus consensual sex and lots of titty fucking.

Samus x Snake. Snake's masculinity takes a HUUUUUUUGE hit in bed. Fic must involve Zero Suit Samus' taunts.

... Okay all the Sonic/Peach is making me really want this so...

Shadow-trophy (that's allowed, right?) x Zelda and/or Sheik.

Sonic x Lyn. Fastest legs in Brawl x fastest sword in Brawl, and the kink.. admiration of speed.. ... ... or something really dirty involving how long an assist trophy lasts or something~

Olimar x Nurse Peach fluff

Maybe Olimar ends up in the hospital ward, and Nurse Peach takes care of him. Then she notices he DOES look a lot like Mario...

Samus/Link: Link discovers the woman behind the suit, followed by potential naughty fun. (Gotta let Link be a little less than completely chivalrous sometime, right?)

Fluffy Snake/Samus with Lucario and Pikachu somehow involved. Maybe Snake and Samus start a friendly conversation about pokemon, or Lucario and Pikachu talk about Snake and Samus, or… Well, you get the idea, anon.
Bonus points for using Lucario’s mind reading abilities for some sweet awkwardness.

Heh, first time requester, here. Let's see...

Toon Link/Samus, or Toon Link + Samus: Toon Link gets his first crush, and the girl just so happens to be Samus. Nervous and flustered, Toon Link decides to ask somebody for advice on this. However, after following said advice, things mess up and awkwardness ensues (The 'somebody' can be anyone, I don't care)

Anyways...yeah. Humor + Fluff would be preferred, but hey, do what you like, anonymice! :D Please?

Peach having a fetish of getting busy while under the effects of the Mushroom, any (or all~) guys can be paired with her.

Link/Zelda + Link being completely dominant, controlling, and showing the princess how much a good hero needs/deserves a bit of relief after all the crap he goes through.

I need fluffy Snake x Samus smut please. ;A: Extra points if Jigglypuff walked in/was watching all along.

Samus x Sonic. Kink is curling up into balls, bonus points if you can get both of them to do it.. not necessarily at once but you get the idea.

A certain young lad uses the computer after Samus and discovers the woman was getting off to a Samus thread... on 4chan's /d/, and apparently enjoying it very much.

The teenage Pokemon Trainer, hormones in one hand and Pokeballs in the other, decides to see how /d/ Samus is willing to go.

IkexLyn or MarthxLyn! This anon is a HUGE Fire Emblem 7 fan, dontcha know, and would like to see the game get some love from this meme~

Ike reminds Lyn of someone back home (ridiculously large weapon, blue hair, gruff attitude, he fights for his friends, hmmmm), or Lyn reminds Marth of Roy. Bonus points if you decide to make Lyn Roy's mom. XD

Peach has long, luscious, well-maintained hair. Marth has a hair fetish.

Bonus points if Marth is embarrassed/ashamed of his fetish.

Peach finds Roy (sadly!) watching a Brawl, and decides to comfort him.

Can lead to sex or just fluff, your choice.


Some Japanese fans take FallenAngel!Pit as a different character, which I call Kuro.


Kuro/Ike/Pit sandwich, implied "angels are older than they look", Ike being a badass uke, and Pit being a cheeky little shit. Oh, and Kuro just going along because he's bored.


Anyone should know what I'm talking about, hehe.


Kirby has a fanboy crush on Sonic, and to keep up with the fastest thing alive, Kirby must collect the Dragoon parts NO MATTER WHAT. Bonus points if Meta Knight trying to give Kirby "The Talk".

My dream has come true!

Pit/Marth fluffy yaoi romance fic, please. Even though they're both girly, Pit's the uke (girly one). Make him unbearably cute, with blushing and overexxagerated reactions (though still boyish). Marth should be suave and sexy, and he can't resist Pit's adorableness.

Lots and lots of fluffy romantic (creative if you want?) foreplay, please! There doesn't have to be sex, just lots of foreplay, haha.

Extra points for Marth playing with Pit's wings, especially if it gets a good reaction out of Pit.

Extra extra EXTRA points if you make a tsundere Pit, acting like he doesn't like it even though he actually does. A lot.

I'll likely die if this is fulfilled, but... holy SHIT. Eternal love to whoever fills this one.

Snake/Pit: watersports/sounding/scat/vore/guro, please?

Sonic/Link. That is the kink, period. Please anon?

Bowser/Ganondorf - fight for dominance.

bonus points for keeping them in character.

Dark Toon Link or Dark Link/Dark Pit - kink? Let's go with sadism, mayhaps or Link topping But if anyone has any different ideas, I'd love to see them.

meta knight/kirby smut.

come on you know you want it too

Link, Marth, Ike, or Snake (or all of them, go for the gold, Anon!)xPit. Humiliation dubcon. Pit's gotta be uke, naturally. Maybe toss in some voyeur/exhibitionism too.

Fox/Wolf, Fox seme. In either of the two's Landmasters [or an Arwing or Wolfen, hell, I just like the thought of fogging windows] would merit bonus points, but must involve Wolf's collar.

Ness/Lucas fluff.

Lucas has a horrid nightmare in the middle of the night, and goes seek confort with Ness (by invading his bed, haha. xD You know, when a young kid who has had a bad nightmare goes sleep on their parents's bed? Almost the same situation, basically)

Lucario/Wolf smut, having "fun" in the Landmaster.



Hatesex; set after the betrayal(?) (sorry, I don't have Brawl yet and don't really know what goes on there, and it's not compulsory to the fic, but I thought I'd just throw it out there)

Snake/Link/Pit idiocy.

Link in labor, starts cursing Snake and Pit out over his predicament. Pit playing midwife and Snake playing comfort.

King Dedede smut XD~ In-character is a huge plus. Any other character included must be male.

Ike and Snake are trying to get Marth completely drunk. However, he's handling his drink a lot better than they are...

Toon Link/Lucas.

Friendly competition. Let your imagination run free and unbridled. 8D

Olimar/Luigi fluff plz. =D

Bonus points if you involve Luigi's FS somehow. =3

Tabuu x Ness. (fluff preferred)

Things you haven't seen during the fight with him. ;P

Ike/Red/Pit threesome on the kitchen counter. Red uke please? X3

Kuro!Pit/Ike comfort smut. Reason for comfort- Kuro just revived Ike with CPR, and Ike is scared out of his wits to learn he just barely died. Bonus points if Ike angsts about his parents' death.


Extra love for a tsundere (yet slowly turned seme by regular Pit, the uke) Kuro!Pit.

Blushing is good. Fluff is good. Really, anything is good. I just really REALLY want to see this!

Marth/Ike with mind control/hypnosis. After an accident involving a Pokemon, Ike is...'under Marth's will', so to speak. Marty unashamedly takes advantage of this. Smut preferred, anon can add a third person if they please.

Falcon/Olimar/Snake sandwich plz. :D

Pokemon Trainer x Sonic. The Trainer tries to catch Sonic, but Sonic suggests other forms of owning. Bonus points for Sonic saying "You're too slow!"

Link/Pit, surprise kitchen sex with aprons.

Link and Pit are on kitchen duty, and food fights turn into LOL SURPRISE HARD-ONS.

Lucario/Fox mutual foot fetish smut would be amazing. ♥

Link/Toon Link/Ganondorf. In that order

on the Final Destination stage, post-SSE.

please, i woudl like some Ike/Marth.
extra points if marth is uke(yaya!) and ike wants begging from marth.



Make it hurt, and make it hurt BAD.

Ike x Marth someone! Marth accidentally walks in on Ike masturbating. And sex ensues. And you can build on that anon. Thanks! :)

Olimar/Louie plz? :

Please, someone write me some Ganondorf/Toon Link.

Make it hurt.

Being the homosexual bara adventures of grown-up, inexplicably Herculean Pit.





While Pit is an angel outside and all heavenly, Ike knows his secret. He's an absolute demon in bed.

I want dominant Pit (with Ike still being badass), orgasm denial with a cock ring (extra points if you make it one of the rings around Pit's arm), and bondage.

Okay, so, this anon gave me a wicked image that won't get out of my head.

Ike and Marth decide to roleplay as Sol Badguy and Ky Kiske for one day. And because they don't do anything half-assed, they get completely into the roles, clothes and all (this means Ike smokes and Marth...well, 'liberates' Peach's teacup collection). They do it almost too well.

The smashers go into chaos.


*somebody* thinks luigi being at the mansion is just fantastic, as they finally have their own blushy uke to dominate. smut???

surprise me, anon. who will it be? red? link? pit? ness and lucas!?

actually bonus points if it is ness and lucas because lol

Hay gaiz, can I get some Pit/Red?

Kink is Pit seducing Red with women's underwear. Yah. XD

Smut would be awesome.

I've seen a few other requests for this but I'm also going to request DarkPit/Pit.

Run with it, Anon! Anything goes.

So there's this Snake and Luigi (gaygaygay) friendship fic out there by Solitary Shadow (http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4192904/1/)... Snake/Luigi? They always meet in the cardboard box? And Snake obsesses over food and eating pikmin and Yoshi? This is amazing. So. My request:

Snake/Luigi having the raunchiest food sex (preferably with pikmin or roasted Yoshi) imaginable within the cardboard box.

Bonus points if Mario walks in on them!


Smut, only requirement is that LUCAS TOPS

How about some more Ness/Lucas OR Red/Lucas

Be it intentional or an accidental drink mix-up, one or more people mentioned above get a bit on the drunk side and... well, I think you can figure out where this is going... ;)

Make. It. Hardcore!

A cookie if the drunk one (or two) are still aware of their actions. GO ANON, GO!!!

Um, I already know the meme has enough of this kind of pairing, but...

Marth x Ike x Roy, but with a twist. I want it UNREQUITED. I want Marth and Roy to be fighting each other over Ike while he's all indifferent to them. Extra points if you can pair Ike with someone else besides these two, it's your choice.

Angst very welcome. Cursing also welcome.

Pokey/Ness plz?

Pokey is humiliating Ness in almost every way he can as a means of revenge.

Plz Anon? :D

...Am I actually the first person to request a Marth/Roy here? Actually, I want Roy/Marth, as in Marth-uke.

Anything goes, fluff or smut.

How about a fic based off a picture? Like we really need more Ness/Lucas


Of course, anon, you could always just skip the walk-in fiasco and stick to the Ness/Lucas goodness

Just wanted to put a request in...

Meta Knight/Marth, about or mentioning on how all Marth speaks is Japanese. ( Bonus if mention of Meta Knight's Spanish accent in the Kirby anime dub. )

It can be fluff or smut or whatever. I'd just like more of that pairing.

I want serious Snake/Ike, with some fluff or comfort thrown in somewhere.

Theme could be the ordeals of warfare or something to that effect. Just make it have a serious tone to it.

Anon is very sad that NONE of her prompts have been filled even though she has been filling others prompts like crazy. ;_;

Aaaanyways, I'm really craving some Ike/Red. Fluff please. But smut is okay

Bonus points if Pit is somehow involved in them getting together.

lol serious fic

Despite whatever good intentions there might be, a mortal slaying a god is the highest of sins. Because of this, Palutena says that Pit's relationship with Ike is forbidden and he must stop it at once lest he become a great sinner.

Ike, being the person he is and loving Pit enough to know what will happen, breaks off the relationship so things don't get worse.

Both of them didn't expect Pit to react so badly to it, however...

You can put whatever you want in it, but I don't want self-harm or death plz. No happy endings either. D:


This came to me while playing with my friend, I was Snake and she was Fox and I was doing the grab/choke move and I noticed Fox's tail was between Snakes legs and sorta curled around his ass, well I got distracted looking at it and was KO'd immediately.

So my idea was have Fox tail grope Snake during battle to distract him. Fox didn't mean for Snake to take it as a come-on but he can't stop thinking about what the tail would feel like against his skin and after the battle Snake jumps Fox and tries to convince him to discover what else his tail is good for. Total smut please =D

I absolutely loved Two Soldiers, One Heart (http://community.livejournal.com/id_smash_that/385.html?thread=66433#t66433), and got this idea in my head.

Ike and Snake...roleplaying as the other. In bed. Even wearing the other's clothes!

You can use Heart Swap as an excuse or it's one of the kinks they have. Extra points if they stop every so often to correct the other on how they act or say.


Awkward first-time smut for Red/Lucas. Basically them trying to guide each other and lotsa fluffy foreplay goodness. Bonus: Red does something wrong and scolds himself for it, Lucas smiles and doesn't care.

Billy Hatcher x Ness (or Lucas), please? :3 Fluff or smut, I don't care.

(I was listening to Billy Hatcher music when I thought of this, yes)

Let's have some RPS up ins. Hideo Kojima 'persuading' Masahiro Sakurai to put Snake in Brawl. I hear he really, really 'begged'.

Er...I hope I got this right. >.<;
I'm going to be evil.
'nuff said.
I want to see the king of evil rape the very innocence out of the prince in the dungeons/prison cells/private room of his lair (Ganondorf's lair. >_>; ). Use any method (like chains, rope, weapons, hypnosis, etc.), but if it involves blood, don't make it too bloody.

No explanation is needed on how Ganondorf got his hands on the prince. Just "he was at the wrong place at the wrong time", is fine if it's too hard to think of one.

Bonus points if one of the other MALE Melee/Brawl characters walks in (whether or not with the intention of saving Marth) and joins in a threesome...with Marth still being uke (bottom), of course


I want to see the king of evil tenderly love the innocent prince in Ganondorf's lair (which is, of course, the Love Shack). Use any method (like candles, flowers, poetry, sexy music, etc.), and if they have sex, make sure they wear a condom. Even the King of Evil and the Prince of Altea have to be safe.

No explanation is needed on how Ganondorf and Marth have come to tenderly love one another. Just "they were at the right place at the right time", is fine with me.

Bonus points if one of the other male Melee/Brawl characters walk in (with the intention of being mean to Ganondorf, who's just misunderstood) and join in a tenderly loving threesome...with Marth still being the aggressive seme (top), of course.

Ike/Link. Base it on this pic: (http://img299.imageshack.us/my.php?image=36ss0.png)

Hey, kink-meme. Remember Marth/Roy? Ah, those were the good ol' days...

I'm craving some fluff of that pairing. PLZ?

I request Olimar/Louie/Captain Falcon

Fluff, smut, I don't care. :D You also choose the kink.

Let it happen, Anon!~


Ike has a huge secret.

And that secret is... Ike is extremely ticklish.
Marth finds out and proceeds to tickle him uncontrollably, and then it gets really awkward between the two... and stuff happens ;D

Seemingly but not actually one-sided Meta Knight/Kirby fluff.

Meta Knight is experiencing denial. If Kirby has any feelings beyond friendship for him, he's either too dense to notice them himself just yet or hiding it for some reason (the last of which is unlikely.)

Bonus points if another Smasher(s) knows what's going on and finds it amusing and/or cute. More bonus points if Kirby can talk, and only acts childish rather than baby-like. (As much as I love anime!Kirby, and think he's adorable, this is the games.)

I think this would be funny.

Sometimes little kids listen and see things that is not suitable they talk about it hehe... Ness and Tracy (Ness' little sister) meet Lucas, and she tells Lucas how much her brother likes him. Ness is very embarrassed and tries to pretend, Lucas is really flattered.

Make it funny and fluffy Anon :D

IkexPit Rapefic

Ike isn't as nice as he seems,
Pit is emotionally and physically scarred.

Make it hurt, plz.

Bowser x Mario plz?

You can make it as crack-ish as you want~

Sheik/Link. Sheik as a male; Bondage with Sheik's bandages; Link's the one tied up.

After seeing a certain orgy-kink around page 5....
I say we should have some Gannondorf/Ike-hate sex. *gets glares*


The fangirls beg for big!Link/Marth. Yes, beg we do <3 Fluff, smut, humor, anything.

Fox/Lucario Lime or Lemon, can be any situation, other characters optional

How bout some Meta Knight/Marth fluff? Just a cute fic where they're end up admiting feelings for one anyother?

Bonus points if Ike's there too making sarcastic comments about they're relationship.

I'd like to see a Ganondorf/Captain Falcon rape fic. What? Don't look at me like that.

Ganondorf figures it's about time he put a certain egotistic racer in his place. Poor captain. Still, make it hurt.

I'd like to see a very gentle and lovey-dovey Ganondorf/Captain Falcon fic.

Captain Falcon has a bad day, and Ganondorf, having a sweet side, makes it better. What a lucky captain! :)

Falco x Fox

Sex in that capsule at Norfair. Make it quick and dirty, with sweaty furs and feathers and such. >3


Anything goes!! I'd ask for something involving bloody guro, but hey, beggars can't be choosers. Seems like slim-pickings with those two around here.

AND a plot!!!

Ness/Lucas or Pokemon Trainer/Lucas. Hot hot sex that happens as a result of... some sort of plot (aka not random smut in the middle of nowhere)

Anonymous desires some Snake/Luigi plz.

Luigi and Snake in the kitchen. Only them two. Luigi wearing a apron. Completely naked beneath. Smut preferred. Bonus points if Olimar or Captain Falcon walks in on them.

Make my wish come true, anon. You will win my love for ever for this. xD

Dark Toon Link/Lucas. It can be cute and fluffy or fucked up and wrong, I just want to see it happen.

Let's try something a bit different.

Lucas/Smashville boy(The BB shirt one)

Lucas finally finds someone to protect, instead of being the protected one.
Fluff... But if you want to add smutty stuff it's ok ;)

We all mourn for the loss of Roy and Mewtwo (Damn, 'Tendo, why did it have to be my mains!?), but let's pretend that came back to visit! Roy notes that there's another blue-hair getting a little too friendly with his Marth, and he decides to raise some hell over it...With Mewtwo's help. Bonus points and free kittens for clueless!Marth, Ike trying too hard, some Mewtwo + Lucario, and Roy asking for Mewtwo's help in mindfucking with Ike. I'd also like some Roy/Marth, kids! =D

Make me proud, anon!

Jeff/Lucas. Fluff, smut, whatever you want! Bonus points for delicious freckles.

First off: has anyone seen Disney's Hunchback of Notre Dame? You know the scene where Frollo sneaks up behind Esmeralda's back at the Cathedral?

I'd like to see something inspired by that scene, through Mewtwo x Lucario. :) Mewtwo being dominant, Lucario fighting back/being spiteful, and plenty of hatelust.


Sheik/Peach, romantic fluffiness. Peach is the lipstick.

Samus x Sheik

"Holy shit, you're a girl!"


Hm. I'd like to see someone pull this one off... WHATEVER IT TAKES! Be creative, anonymous~.

Kirby/Ike/Meta knight.

R.O.B. orgy.

Tabuu/Game and Watch. How exactly did Tabuu "extract" those shadowbugs from him anyway? (violent or not, I seriously have no idea)

:( I wants to see some more third party love too.... But with Ubisoft, yes... Good ol' Ubi.

Link/Rayman. (I.E. the little dog looken dude with no limbs.)

Rayman comes down to fill out some forms for the next Smash Bros. List. (Hopes to get a slot before the rush.)Whist filling out the form, Link makes his way to the little fella. The conversation get's to be a wee bit uncomfortable and Rayman is getting irritated. Link then leans in and starts cuddling him. (How it ends you can decide. :D Though violence is preferred.) Bonus Points for sticking Olimar in there and having him try to figure out WTF Rayman is.

Sheik/Link. Prompt: While Zelda is a lady by day, she prefers to be a guy in bed. In otherwords, some genderfuckery with Sheik/Zelda. You know, Zelda/Sheik getting turned on by the idea of switching from female to male. And of course, Link ukes. ^^ Bonus points if the sex is rough. ;)

Sheik/Link. Prompt: While Zelda is a lady by day, she prefers to be a guy in bed. In otherwords, some genderfuckery with Sheik/Zelda. You know, Zelda/Sheik getting turned on by the idea of switching from female to male. And of course, Link ukes. ^^ Bonus points if the sex is rough. ;)

Samus/Pikachu (in a way, I suppose.)

Prompt: Love hurts. (Sadomasochism?)

It can either be a strange!fic where Samus is sadistic towards Pikachu (like kids who kill squirrels, but no death!fic plox) and Pikachu is all D:>? and interprets it as a form of 'love.'

OR A SHIFT OF GEARS and have Pikachu have the personality of the trickster!pikachu from the old pokemon mangas, electric-shocks and short-circuiting adventures :D

How about a Zelda/Link/Snake threesome (smut!) with Link and Snake trying to outdo one another in competition for Zelda.

And I wouldn't mind reading that same thing with Zelda and Snake "competing" for Link... ;)

Kirby sucking off Dedede to celebrate the outcome of a match.

Something he is very good at already, but he decides to let his new friend Jigglypuff join in this time...

Take it as far as you want :)

Samus meets her match in Ivysaur's vines.


To elaborate, Peach/Zelda/Ganondorf/Bowser/Dedede/Marth orgy. The plot is that they're having their first one since the 'Brawl era' started, and Dedede's the new guy that just joined tonight. How this progresses and who does who in the what on the what with a what (Yes.) is up to you.

Bonus Internets will be given out for one or both of the following:
-Gender confusion about Marth and/or Shiek (if Zelda chooses to transform)
-Someone makes Dedede their bitch and claims all the rookies go through it (Spoilers: That's a lie, they never did any hazing in the 'Melee era', and everyone else lets this continue for the laughs.)

Ike/Sheik/Link/Marth for a good friend of mine <3

Bonus points for cheesy love scenes and refernces to Ike doing steroids (have you seen him in Radiant Dawn?)

I want flat out smut of this, bondage, oral, hints of sadism and masochism, gunkink?

Soren (or Ranulf (or both, go for it anon!)) and Sheeda visit their love interests at the mansion. However, they are very angry to learn that Ike and Marth are being chased by certain people and decide to do what they do best: KICK ASS AND TAKE NAMES.

And then there is an orgy.

Yes, I am very well aware this is crack.

Ridley/Samus with Ridley resized for the sake of... ya know.
Ridley is discontent (jealous) with the untrue rumors of Samus being able to... preoccupy herself with other males other than him in smash, and decides to pay a visit from his boss status to make things clear about being the only guy in her life.

Lovehate smutz with Samus being reluctant but accepting, please. ;)

Any situation, any kink, it can be a lemon, a lime, anything! Run with it, anon!
I know someone's gonna like this one...

Zelda x Sonic x Peach

Because one princess just isn't enough. Any kink is fine, doesn't even have to be porn, just make it happen.


Sonic/Link or Sonic+Link either or. Sonic wanting Link to actually talk for a change.



So, um, he's the latest newcomer. How well does this package of pure testosterone mesh with the current cast? Does he kick ass and chew gum and happen to be all out of gum? And, perhaps the most important question of all, who does he end up fucking?

Answer me these questions three, anon.

Ganondorf x anyone. But Ganon must be sub/uke/whatever word you wanna use for it. Please?

Snake/Anyone, non-con. (A bottom*Snake is fine too!)

Lucas/anything, but must involve Lucas' Smash Up-A face.

Tabuu/anyone. Can be about anything.


Post-SSE. Zelda and Peach know Dedede is only a king because he says so, and decide to try and help him work on becoming a true one. They decide that the first step is to try and teach him how to be refined and well-mannered. This will likely end badly. Pairings allowed, but completely optional.

I've filled out a few prompts and am considering taking on more, so I think I should get my own request in~

Any pairing you want, any style (gen, fluff, smut, whatever,) but they must be on the Pokemon Stadium stage when it goes into Flying-type mode. 8D Mile-high club, anyone?

Oh no! Some scoundrel's stolen Snake's beloved box! What's worse, they seem to be using it to ambush others for surprise sex inside its cardboard confines! Can Snake catch them in the act and clear his name?

During a four-way brawl, Luigi's Final Smash has unexpected effects on his opponents... mainly, they suddenly all want to dance with him, too. As in the horizontal mambo, though any orientation is juuuust fine with them. You pick who he's fighting with, and the outcome... who wins? Or can Luigi shimmy his way out of this one somehow?

Kid Link x Kirby prompt. Make sure to include plenty of milk-drink taunt canceling and Navi in the background screaming 'HAY, LISTEN!'

Snake/Toon Link, Fluff.. though, if you can manage smut, you win forever.

Snake, though he doesn't admit it to anyone, thinks Toon Link is just about the cutest thing ever. Toon Link admires Snake because he, too, has hidden in conspicuous-yet-not places during missions.
(For reference:
Snake- Cardboard boxes
Toon Link- Barrels)

A session at Mistress Jigglypuff and Ivysaur's 'Pokemon Center of Pain'. After all, why should Red's Pokemon be bored when not battling? (The customer/customers don't have to be pokemon themselves, natch...)

You know what? I don't care if Olimar is married, that guy needs some crazy lovin'!! Preferably from Peach or Captain falcon.

Bonus points for thinking of a way to compensate for Olimar's inability to breathe oxygen.

Hmm...how about a fic where Pit is slowly but surely turning into a fallen angel, where he just wakes up one day with black wings and a changing personality?

Can be any sort of pairing, but I'm really partial to Ike/Pit. Angst, fluff, whatever fuels what you write.

Let's see if anyone can pull this off...
Ike/MamaLuigi! Whether gen or attempt at yaoi? I don't care. =P

Prompt? Um. Erm. Not too sure, but I want something along the lines of Luigi just finally getting some love. Ike finally notices Mario's lonely, weird brother when no one else would. All that nice stuff. Mm-hm. *nods*

Ancient Minister angst, paired with Mr. Game & Watch (gen or romance) for dark/twisted/bittersweet hurt/comfort.

Snake/Mist in some form or another; (optional Snake/Ike or Snake/Ike/Mist) - Mist has been trailing around Snake lately, and Ike is a bit concerned about his sister's welfare. Run with it, anon. (It... doesn't even have to be sexual. Fluffy gen is just as awesome.)

I had...The freaking cutest idea ever.
My brain is dead from the cute.
Okay so, I'll explain.
For the paring it should be a main of Dark Toon LinkxToon Link, but this is where the kink comes in. The kink is watching, and it can/should be used in a few different ways. Like uh..To best explain it the watching should happen in an order, like Person A&B>(Being watched by) C&D>(And so forth.)The main paring should be the one in the middle, and the people Toon Link and Dark Toon like are watching should be Link and someone who he's making out with or something. (It's really up to whoever fills this.)
Well, I hope this made enough sense to be filled! And I don't care about the rating, but it could be anything from like uber fluff G-NC for all I care. xD
(I'll shut up, but on a final note. This could be interesting to been seen done from two or three different perspectives. If any one's up to that. Shutting up now..)

I want a fic about Solid Snake's ass.

Any pairing fine.

“Listen, Pokemon Trainer,” said Samus in a weird voice. “The whole ‘huge blast’ thing, it’s just not very cool, you know? Not unless you do something after it to distract everyone. Like strip, you could do that!”

“I’m...uh...uncomfortable...” admitted Pokemon Trainer.
Excerpt taken from chapter 24 of Rebuilding by IStalkKirby

Samus is talking about Red's Final Smash. I hope IStalkKirby doesn't mind if I turn his perfectly sane crack fic into a kink request. >.> But hey annons, you can write whatever you want, whether it be the general reaction to Red's stripping, or you can make it SamusxRed. (fem-dom FTW) And if it helps, Pit is gay in that fic. XP

Truth-Or-Dare night at the Smash mansion, I'd prefer humor over kinky but if you can get both of those in you're amazing. I'm open for whatever pairing but you'll win over 9000 points if you have Falcon/Olimar, Ganon + Toon Link, Toon Link + Snake, Lucas/PKMN Trainer OR Lucario/Mewtwo.

'I might need a diagram to figure out why [Falcon's] pelvic thrusts explode. (see Up + B) That would be one hell of an STD.'
'It's not an STD, he's just that good. I'm sure he'd keep the heat down if you ask him.'
'Most awkward pre-sexing conversation ever.'

Falcon/Samus (or Falcon/???)
Kink: Most awkward pre-sex conversation ever. Bonus points if sex ends in crotches on fire anyway.

SEME!Pit, pair with whoever you want. Funnest if it's someone older than him.

Am I the only one think he's not all "innocent" angelic face?

I'd like Snake to keep someone waiting. In that way. Particularly if it's Samus or Falcon or Charizard or maybe Luigi.

Anything with Luigi? Slash, preferably.

I ask for tons of fluff, plz. <3

Lucario/Pokèmon Trainer
"What is sex, Satoshi?"
"Er... I don't know how to explain it..."
"Then, show me!"
Lucario can be of either gender, as long as it eventually leads up to a lemon, otherwise know as citrus.

Falcon & Olimar, gen or light slash. Wanting to get a better picture of his friend, Captain Falcon gives playing Pikmin a go. Does he fail? Succeed? Have massive guilt issues?

I want fic with some smashers getting completely stoned. Smoking? Eating brownies? Kirby accidentally inhaling all of Snake's secret stash? You choose! On the battlefield? Off? In a Landmaster? I don't care! Any characters are fine. I think this prompt lends itself more to genfic than anything else, but if you can find a way to make it smutty, you, uh, go right ahead there.

(The answer is yes, everyone has massive guilt issues when they play Pikmin)

Apparently Roy was suppose to be in SSBB but they ran out of time.

So I want a fic where Roy arrives late to discover that:

A: Marth is shagging someone else (I'll let you decided who, anon)
B: Everyone is accusing Ike and/or Pit of being his replacement in Brawl.

What's poor Roy to do? (Roy/Pit would be love)

This meme needs moar Game&Watch love, so....

Mr. G&W x anyone or everyone, whatever the writer desires. I don't care if it's angst, fluff, an all out make out session or smut, I'm not picky.

Go for it <3

Lucario and Pikachu
Can be gen, slash, whatever the hell you want! Fluff, angst, anything! Run with it! Other characters optional, too!

Subspace team-ups are great and gives everyone an excuse to ship SamusxPikachu and FalconxOlimar. How about one I love but don't see a lot of?

I'd like something involving Ness, Dedede, and Luigi, all together. Can be anything, from cute gen to hot threesome. Kirby is optional, since I've sometimes seen him grouped with them at times. Thanks.

Any pairing; "Gosh, you're such a messy eater... I'm going to have to clean you up."

HI!!! Okay, i want a Highschool fic. something with ALL the smashers. I want something with Link/Pit, and a Gym Teacher Ike with a in desperate need of a good grade Marth (oooh... smutty...) i'm a BIG yaoi fan, but het and yuri are welcome (Just hints at them though... i don't needs graphics...), i've tried and failed on my own trying to write one so pleeeeease, make me a proud anon!!!!
Sayonara!!!! =~.^=v